About Marchelle

Marchelle qualified from the University of Cape Town and carried out her community service in Plumstead, Western Cape. During her community service year Marchelle completed post graduate courses. These included dry needling, BASI pilates instructor, modern clinical pilates and basic wheelchair seating. She has also completed the Pulmonary rehabilitation course through the Lung Foundation Australia and Intensive care courses. 

Now working at Jacques Erasmus physiotherapy she has a special interest in Pulmonary Rehabilitation and is the founder of the Pulmonary rehabilitation programme run at the practice offering Pulmonary Rehabilitation to lung transplant candidates and recipients as well as those who suffer from Chronic lung diseases. She also loves working in the ICU, with a special interest in ventilated patients and ventilator weaning.

When she is not working she is an avid runner, cyclist and active individual. She has completed half marathons and has a dream to run the New York Marathon one day. She is happily married and loves to enjoy the outdoors, hiking and mountain biking with her husband. 



BSc Physiotherapy (UCT)   

Lung Foundation Australia- Pulmonary Rehabilitation training 

BASI pilates instructor trainee

Modern clinical pilates

Basic & Advanced dry needling 

Basic Wheelchair seating

ICU course


Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Sports injuries and Rehabilitation

Intensive Care Unit 

University of Cape Town
Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Dry Needling
Wheelchair Seating
Manual Therapy