Our programme is designed to help individuals improve their quality of life and reach their full potential. Our programme runs from 6-10 weeks. During the first session your physiotherapist will assess your exercise capacity and strength, set meaningful goals and plan a programme that suits your lifestyle and current level of fitness. Your exercise programme will include resistance training, aerobic exercises and flexibility. Other components such as education, breathing control, airway clearance, nutrition and home exercise programme will form part of the programme. At each session, you’ll spend about half the time on physical exercise. This will be designed to provide the right level of activity for you. You’ll get out of breath, but this is part of the therapy. You’ll always be monitored and won’t be asked to do more than you can do safely. We offer services to all Lung Transplant candidates and recipients. It is of utmost importance that all lung transplants receive rehabilitation before and after their lung transplants. Rehabilitation prior to lung transplants focuses on optimising lower limb strength and functional status. After lung transplantation, rehabilitation focuses on retraining normal breathing patterns and strengthening recipients to the level that the recipient can live a fully active life with no or minimal active limitations.



Using various monitors, your physiotherapist will assess you and specialise a training programme that is safe and effective for you.

Pulmonary Rehab | Cape Town


Your physiotherapist will supervise your training 2-3 per week and train you to exercise independently once discharged from the programme

Pulmonary Rehab | Cape Town


Your physiotherapist will educate you about your condition, how to safely exercise at home and design a programme thats personalised to your needs


Appointments can be made via our online booking system. Open 7am-5pm weekdays.


Mobile oxygen, inhalers, comfortable clothing, training shoes, assistive devices needed for mobility.


Room 4, UCT Private Academic Hospital, Anzio Road, Observatory, Cape Town

"Improve your quality of life"


Thorough initial assessment will be performed in order to tailor your programme to your specific needs.

Goal Setting

Meaningful and achievable goals will be set for you to achieve on a weekly basis.

Personalised Exercise Programme

Based on your assessment a full programme will be designed by your physiotherapist. 


You will learn more about your condition, how to manage it effectively and how to improve your quality of life. 


On a referral basis you will be seen by a dietician for advice to optimise your nutrition. 


Once you have completed your programme you will be given a maintenance programme and follow-up to ensure you do not deteriorate. 



This includes using weights during exercise to improve muscle strength and anaerobic endurance.


This form of exercise helps reduce your resting heart rate and blood pressure, it also improves circulation. This could include walking, running and cycling


Stretching of muscles is important to maintain flexibility. It is also of vital importance to improve chest wall expansion to improve breathing.